What it is?

i-Smart series is designed and developed on advanced technologies meant for remote monitoring and control.


Advantages of i-Smart

1) Monitor parameter from anywhere
2) Based on advanced technology and yet keeping the conventional industry standards
3) Going ahead with seamless integration with anything and anywhere concept
4) Distributed control and monitoring, every instrument is complete yet part of bigger system

5) i-Smart available with standard sensors or connect to any instrument like Flowmeter, Pressure etc






i-Smart MODEL TH-GSM (Remote Monitoring of Temperature and Humidity With GSM)


NOTE: Instrument without GSM option is also available




Andon Displays

What It Is?

Now announce your Production Targets, Running Production Count with our JUMBO Display.

As every prduction line is different, with different factors affecting productivity, all our Andon displays can custom made to suit your exact needs.


1) 6" to 10" Seven Segment Size range
2) Current consumption of less than 5 Amps upto 20 digits
3) RS485 Interface
4) Customized to any production process
5) Optional Datalogging of events
6) Digital and Analog Inputs
7) Auto and Manual modes are available
8) Auto reset options for every day and month



DIGITAL SYNCHRONIZED Clock system is a perfect solution for a wide range of applications where accurate, synchronized time is required for better operation process.

All the clocks can display the same real time, whether in the office, Production Blocks, warehouse, Canteen of Industries. These clocks find wide applications in areas of Manufacturing Industries, Hospitals, API's,Formulations,